Nov 19, 2009


Underlying the fear within was the deep irony of it all,

To carry the loss be the deed done today,and tomorrow,

For years to come it shall reside in me,

Thoughts so deep one could drown.

In the breathlessness of the moment,emerging from nowhere,

surrounded by the graves unburied,

Conviction needed to accept it.

To bear the loss alone I am willing,

After the decades of rotting,the belief shattered,

The legacy left behind with noone to claim it,

Lost,destroyed in time.


Naman Saraiya said...

You keep building my interest in poetry. Step by step. :)

Veronica Gautam said...

I dont get to relate poetries easily. But the words you have used, helped me find the meaning of each of them with the other. In a way, that I understood with my so far sense. !!

Jay Niner said...


Rohini said...

Naman, try your hand at poetry. i'm trying not to lose touch with it.

Veronica, thanks. I hope the meanings get clearer with my other poems too.

Jay,cute??Thanks, I guess.:)

Anonymous said...

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