Nov 26, 2009


This poem was based on 'The Reader' (For those of you who have seen it and remember the characters played by Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes). For those who have not seen the movie/do not remember the intensity of the characters, take it just as any other poem.

It bothered him that he had not achieved his dream.

It bothered her that she had been in a delusion the whole while.

A delusion of the love that he seemed to have offered.

Of the vows he pretended to take up.

Of the facade of a happy life together.

Of the umpteen memories,now too distant.

The fading away of once cherished times from her mind spoke for themselves.

She knew that she had been defeated.

All her life,she had taken everything that had come her way.

And now,it would all end.

By any means pursued,she would detatch herself completely,

The last thing she had to do.


Ayesha said...

I've seen the movie. And I think what you've written captures its essence beautifully. :)

kittu said...

i havent seen the movie, and i havent becos i hate this type on endings.

i tend to always relate my life to the story and see wat i wud do in those situations and i wud never ever give up on my partner no matter what

Riddhi G.D said...

Have you seen the revolutionary road? Even more depressing, and somehow Winslet and Di Caprio manage to make you actually feel the whole gamut of emotions yourself.
That aside, I like what you've doine with this