Nov 12, 2009

Strawberry fields forever...

Nikita Sarin. Another date?It would include taking the next bus out of here, go to Mapro, order THIS, go visit strawberry fields,go on crazy rides and devour Margarita pizzas together. Tempted much?

For those who don't know, this is Nikita. Worth sharing your strawberries & cream with,isn't she?


ME said...

1 date I'm never going to forget! As much (if not more!) for you as the strawberries! And I'm pretty sure your inbox's going to be flooded with more queries about the strawberries than me... UNFAIR COMPETITION :(

And yes Date part 2 will happen sooner than you think... so plan to be surprised!
Love! Love!

kittu said...

ok after reading the above comment i want to know wabt the strawberries. wat happened?????

some gud light hearted writing man. it tells me ur having a happy time in pune. im happy for u

Anonymous said...

Look Delicious =]
I mean the strawberries... :P

chandani said...

i cant believe u would be so blatant. who cares about my broken heart???
i had askwed both roro n sarin out on dates. n now ur flaunting ur togetherness.

Rohini said...

I am touched,Nikita :)
To the rest,you can speculate.Enough said.
Athang,go to Bachelors.Really delicious stuff!
Chandu,I still love you.Too.