Nov 12, 2009

An Inner Revelation

The mirror I look into reveals nothing,
The girl inside it looks unfamiliar.
In those dark eyes that were once so expressive is a hollow feelings,hidden within the tears;
Tears that fall from eyes that only smile,shed after a long held wait.
As i stare hard,I see you in those eyes,
As i saw you many a time before,
As we sat under the starlit skies,the twinkle in your eyes and mine,
As we parted,the genuine unwillingness to let go.
The eyes that I see now are no longer full of the love that we once shared,
In the seemingly long summer months,
The thought of which i now dread


kittu said...

same here man. touche

ɳɪα said...

this is nice!
I like!

Anonymous said...


The Adopted Anyone said...

This is so brilliant and thought provoking. Eyes speak whether we want them to or not.
They hold and tell all that we think and see and feel.

Very good.

Seema Syed said...

Very well done! It is very nice. Keep it up.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Beautiful poetry emanating from your heart and soul. Indeed, poetry is the language of the heart and soul where different emotions, feelings and sentiments are expressed in poetic forms. Thanks for the exquisite poem. God bless.

Rohini said...

Thank you all :)
Means a lot.