Apr 30, 2008

Forgive Me...

far away..this ship is taking me far away
far away frm the memories of the people who care if i live or die
Life always does that does'nt it?!Gives you moments of happiness...pure bliss!! and then just robs you of them...Gives you moments of sorrow and pain,which never leave you!!!Either you grow old too soon and lose all the memories or you never grow up and never mature and accept the bad stuff! Or else circumstances come in your way that force you to forget or remember.They might just haunt you.One incident.One day of one month four-five years ago.It does'nt leave despite it all..You only remember one image of someone.Someone close.Gone.You cant remember a day before or after.Just that.And the events of the day keep popping in and out of your head.Unwilling to leave you.And then a couple of smiles thrown in here and there.A good memory. A warm hug received from someone who genuinely cares about you. A good laugh with an old friend. Or just pissing off your friend and laughing at him..Things that make you happy..They "just do"...For some odd reason,none in particular,leave a smile on your face even in the worst of times. Cherishable memories. But you cant just forget the bad memories,can you?! That would just be running away from the reality of the situation.But yet,its so easy to try and forget. To hate the cause of the pain. But we have to learn..learn to forgive..learn to accept..to take it in our stride..When you lose someone you love and they say "its fine,you'll get over it soon".But you dont have to,and you should'nt! That "someone" deserves to be remembered..If something went wrong,forgive the person...But for now,i apologize.
Can you forgive me again?
I don't know what I said
But I didn't mean to hurt you
I heard the words come out
I felt that I would die
It hurt so much to hurt you.

Apr 20, 2008

The Road

Winding and winding further till my eyes saw him not,
The Road dragged me into the dark
Yearning to see him,his corpse lay there,
Time,my greatest enemy smiles with scorn


I wrote this after reading The Road-Cormac McCarthy:

The thought of it scares the boy,
He could not in his innocent head,comprehend the need of such a thing.
A man turning in on his own kind?
The end of human race.
Desperation to such an extent?
He could not even see it as a last resort
He remembered his mother,
He tried to imagine stabbing her and biting into her flesh.
He threw up.
Blood in the puke due to his hunger.
He'd starve but not give in.
Why was living so important?
"Death,take me,
Consume me before the next man I meet does."

Apr 9, 2008


How did I just know that second chances were never my thing?Why'd I follow the path of disillusionment knowing that i traverse it?Why would anyone in their right mind be himself when he knows that his true self is not accepted in certain company?Why would a person commit suicide when he/she can have a gala time laughing at the ironies of life?How can a dying man even think of who to pass on his fortunes to knowing that his death is lingering over him?When did it ever become right for a person to become the boss of everybody?Why are LOVE n HATE considered such strong words and emotions when it just weakens the person,bit by bit?Where is one supposed to find his true love when it is said that he/she is OUT THERE somewhere waiting to be found? What is the reason we are sent into this world? Is there only goodness in anyone alive? Who gave man the right to believe that he has the right over other "sub"species? Why cant evil seep into this world so deep that it becomes okay to kill yourself?Why is it a PURSUIT of happiness? Why did "God"not stop the "devil" from spreading evil & disease in his universe where we reside? Why does Pain ache so much? Answers always welcome...Just some questions that arose in my mind right now..

The Outsider

The cold and dark night.It was'nt right.It just was'nt.I'm sorry.It had to happen but I wish it had happened in a better manner.There are messed up things in life but they are'nt always in our hands to take care of.It happened.Well,things do happen,right?Forgive and forget? Can you go by that for once and accept my apology?Give it a shot.It wont make things worse at least.I needed to.I dont know what to say or do but well,nothing's going to ever be right,is it? This is our determined fate.We still have it in us to change things IF we want but are you sure we can?I want to.I really do.Get back.Make things right.Can we? Cant we at least pretend if nothing?Make it a little better? Ease d environment about us...Why? Will there ever be an answer? An outsider or someone close,an insider pushed away,shunned?The unbecoming of the outsider.

Apr 7, 2008

Sweet Revenge

Had written this one for a 50 word Mini Saga Competition at school...very lame but i still find it ok..

She came.The house seemed unnaturally quiet.Her room.There was something different.He came,gagged her as she lay helpless,motionless then.He avenged his brother's death who had killed himself because she had deserted him.He cleared up all the evidence.He left.Deception.Murder.Baffled cops.Sweet revenge


From the turmoils of nature arose a deep golden,
Not the conventional silver lining but beauty unfolding,
Fate was shining,smiling down on us,
The storm of sufferings had passed,
We knew better than to take nature for granted,
Attaining peace and serenity was all we'd ever wanted.