Sep 23, 2009

Fish Spa

I had a strange experience on 23rd September,2009 during my one week stay in Bangalore thanks to the swine flu spreading in my college back in Pune. My mother, sister & I passed the Kenko fish spa on our way to lunch and the concept intrigued us. We decided to see what this strange spa had to offer. To our delight, we found out that it was nothing disgusting but all we had to do was to dip our feet for a minimum of 10 minutes into a tank full of very pretty fish as can be seen in the photograph above. The money was paid, our feet were washed with astringent and then...We dipped our feet in. It felt like I had put my foot on a vibrating machine of some sort. The hungry little nibblers started doing what they were supposed to and apparently ridding me of the dead skin on my feet. It was a strange and slightly disgusting feeling if you shook your foot even a little bit because they would disperse and then come back in full force. After the first few minutes, I became more relaxed and tried not to make any sudden movement. It was quite effective as a pedicure,I suppose, because the feet did feel softer and looked a lot nicer after I took my feet out. The gross part was the dead fishes on the water surface.Apparently can't be helped though. Well, anyhow, a nice new thing to try out. And cheaper than a pedicure at a salon anyway! :) Try it!

Sep 21, 2009


There is now a blur hovering around the once sure self. There are questions that are perplexing the mind. There are statements passed backed by no rationale. There are dreams that will not be fulfilled. There are hopes that are going to be dampened. There are births alongside deaths. There are always images that can be interpreted in ways other than the creator’s way. There are differences within you. There is enough in this world to influence you. But you may not get influenced. You may not succumb.

There will always be new beginnings and even, unfinished endings.

Complete your life story yourself. Don’t let someone pull your strings as though you were their little puppet. It isn’t much fun. Be your own puppeteer. Control. Aim. Achieve.

Sep 7, 2009

To Y-Y (Yashvita)

On August 21st, my roommate Yashvita aka Y-Y and I, Ro-Ro were stuck in Room 327 in the college girls' hostel the whole day. The boredom finally got to us and then, we started having status wars on Facebook based on silly things the other person said because their brain stopped functioning because of the inertness that day! The names are given to show whose status it was.

The first attempt to hide her stupidity was with this status on Yashvita's profile.What she said WAS funny:

Yashvita Bhasin:
TO EVERYONE who has read Ro-Ro's status:it went like this. I kept bringing in ADITHYA into things,because she was going on and on about farmiville and bugging me so i bug her with ADITHYA. and consequently she wondered why i bring him up. cuz she was getting the good way. SO i went all- "you do farmville with me i do HIM with you." it implies NOTHING else. ah.this was long!!!

Rohini Kejriwal:
The following happened one evening when Yashvita decided to check out what the fuss was about Farmville: On hearing a chicken, she thought it was a dog! On hearing a sheep, at different attempts to guess what it was, it was a horse, a cow AND a pig according to her! When I downloaded a sound clip of a cow moo-ing and played it for her, 5 minutes later, she said "Oh! It was atually a cow!!" :D

Rohini Kejriwal: Yashvita just saw the photo of a parrot and said "Dude, that's a pidgeon!". When I looked at her in disbelief, she said to me " I don't like birds. Just shut up."

Yashvita Bhasin There's a new way to keep time in RO-RO land.she said the following-"dude,i can tell time is passing slowly" i ask really? she says,ya.i can tell cuz my crops are growing too slowly."

Yashvita Bhasin: RO-RO TRUCE?

Yes, after a while of making her persuade me, she got what she wanted. Later that night, we were chatting in the hostel and i was suffering from extreme boredom.However, this sweet wall post ahead made my day! :0

Yashvita Bhasin: so,you've just gone to sleep next to me.
i want to say i love you.
and that you make my day/night BEYOND ADORABLE.and i love you,no matter what.
i have all the patience in the world for ALL your phases.

Sep 5, 2009


I am in a state of utter confusion. There is too much newness in my life-new faces, feelings;unfamiliarities; vomit clean up sessions; a strange perception of reality; new ambitions, wants. The new feelings especially scare me because they leave me feeling lost and even downtrodden sometimes. Even the strange academic subjects like Radio & Communication instead of the earlier ones like Mathematics & English & Economics, which I actually miss studying now. 'Dust In the Wind' plays in the background, bringing about another weird sensation in me because, for once, I find myself keenly listening to the lyrics and they seem to be reflecting my feelings:

"All we do
Crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see

Dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind"

Suddenly, things I've been dwelling on seem to make too much sense for my own good. Still, some things don't make sense-like the seemingly 'normalcies' in my life that I cannot fathom as 'normal'; recent circumstances and decisions that seem irrational to me but rational to most; ways to deal with particular situations one might be faced with in life; and other things that I can't figure out...I might be weird or normal. It doesn't even matter.Three more years to go. Time will tell.