Sep 23, 2009

Fish Spa

I had a strange experience on 23rd September,2009 during my one week stay in Bangalore thanks to the swine flu spreading in my college back in Pune. My mother, sister & I passed the Kenko fish spa on our way to lunch and the concept intrigued us. We decided to see what this strange spa had to offer. To our delight, we found out that it was nothing disgusting but all we had to do was to dip our feet for a minimum of 10 minutes into a tank full of very pretty fish as can be seen in the photograph above. The money was paid, our feet were washed with astringent and then...We dipped our feet in. It felt like I had put my foot on a vibrating machine of some sort. The hungry little nibblers started doing what they were supposed to and apparently ridding me of the dead skin on my feet. It was a strange and slightly disgusting feeling if you shook your foot even a little bit because they would disperse and then come back in full force. After the first few minutes, I became more relaxed and tried not to make any sudden movement. It was quite effective as a pedicure,I suppose, because the feet did feel softer and looked a lot nicer after I took my feet out. The gross part was the dead fishes on the water surface.Apparently can't be helped though. Well, anyhow, a nice new thing to try out. And cheaper than a pedicure at a salon anyway! :) Try it!

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