Nov 26, 2008

The path that led nowhere.

Holding on so tight I might choke myself.
Gradual suppression of my hatred.
The hate inside,the pent up anger.
The dismays on our faces on the news.
How could you take them?
One by one,the pain increases with the wait.
Coming in my way,the pain yet again.
Horror at the thought of white
The once so serene symbol of peace.
All it does it create images of red now-of blood, hate and sorrow.
To some,no concern of the breathlessness.
The pride with which you went, the pathetic hope.
Knowing that you have reaced the point of no return.
Just as if nothing could be worse,
A piece of information was received-
The birth of a child to her,
Not long after you receded,
Into the darkness.
Into the unknown.


The morning sun was warm and radiant,
The perfect morning where nothing could go wrong.
But good luck never stays with the innocent,does it?
A fact of life.
The sudden attack that could not be fought,
The struggle to live.
You lost. They got you.
We tried but couldn't do much.
We mourned.
I, the last to know.
Regretting having gone where I did,away.
Hating education as it gave no answers.
She broke the news to me.
She cried as I entered.
I heard, then locked myself in another room and cried.
The wailing muffled my screams and cries.
I pledged I wouldn't but I did.
You came back home.
I could not face you.
I took some steps in front,and then turned back.
So pale. Lifeless.
I found the courage.
You touched my soul.
Unbearable pain and no resistance to want to stab myself.
To be untrue to her and myself.
But i stayed on to help her.
Help you.
To ensure your soul may go home in peace.
Hope you're doing well.


Cant keep in the tears much longer,
Cant push away the pain,
The shadow I walk with is my death,
It acts like a soul that i cannot see.
But I can see you,taken away to a place I know not,
Wearing white for the journey,
I pray it is not a rough ride.
I hope it wasn't a tough life.
I shall visit you when i can,
I shall bring the candles,the warmth,
Which only emitted from withing cannot reach where you are.
I seek your forgiveness to not join you.
He prefers you over me,
I squirm at the thought.
The true reason being Her.
I know that when she goes, you and I shall arrive with the fanfare and glory.
To celebrate our reunion.
To be one with you again.