Apr 21, 2011

A place unknown

I am still here,
The place where we left off,
The place where we started,

When the search lost its direction,
We shrugged and turned away.
When the memories became bitter,
We knew it was best to let go.

You never stopped to look back,
I kept looking ahead.
I never wanted it back.
You would forget the words you had said.

I see you again and again,
But you are not really here.
You are no longer just a picture in my head,
I no longer know where this leaves me.

My idle mind

An idle mind, the devil's workshop,
It called upon me this once:
I tried to run, tried to take cover,
But in his entrancing words I was stuck.

The seeming tranquility,
The bellowing silences,
The frost-like fire,
Made me shiver.

Indeed, this was the chosen path that I
Had willingly started walking down on.
But what I had left behind-
A blur, a ghost of the past, haunted me.

Something was strange,
The smell was odd,
I shut my eyes,
Closed them to what I was to see.

The idle mind reached its highest peak,
A peak I could never reach before.
Progressing with each little step,
The workshop moulded me.

I wanted to see,
I wanted to be,
The passionless rouses
Of emotions unfelt.

I now stand alone at the end of the road.
I look back only to be where I started off,
I was stuck in the moment that had started a moment ago,
I was truly free.

Apr 5, 2011

Follow The Music

This is what a musician would say when he looks at a painter's work- a white canvas: [written for Ayesha & Arya's play]

Splendid! Another form of art like mine.
In this white canvas, I see space - for creating beauty, as I do.
Scope. To implement God's will and create on it what I would like to be seen.
From it, I can hear Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Mozart's Fur Elise.
Because all the greats like me, start with this- Nothing. But Everything.
This pianist's mind works like that of this artist's. High notes for the reds, low notes for the grays.
I hear the music in Nature, in the smiles of people around me. In everything.
I don't even know why I hear the music in everything. But I do.
And in my pursuit of Truth, I will follow the music...