Apr 5, 2011

Follow The Music

This is what a musician would say when he looks at a painter's work- a white canvas: [written for Ayesha & Arya's play]

Splendid! Another form of art like mine.
In this white canvas, I see space - for creating beauty, as I do.
Scope. To implement God's will and create on it what I would like to be seen.
From it, I can hear Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Mozart's Fur Elise.
Because all the greats like me, start with this- Nothing. But Everything.
This pianist's mind works like that of this artist's. High notes for the reds, low notes for the grays.
I hear the music in Nature, in the smiles of people around me. In everything.
I don't even know why I hear the music in everything. But I do.
And in my pursuit of Truth, I will follow the music...


Jay Karia said...

Great Writing Rohini!!!
Music Exists in the very cores of one's perceptive outlook, the difference is that music is fading away, but the enigmatic power in music is that it opens the very doors to immaculate truths of life...
Follow and splurge in the rhythm and truly one day, you shall seek clarity of thought and open the golden gates of Veracity...

angad said...

hey. nice..blog thing...you have been evernoted (try to figure out wha tthat means, although most writing savvy folk tend to know what it does... :) )

Cave Man said...

Don't follow the music but follow the 'structure' of music to be a musical person and personality.