Apr 21, 2011

My idle mind

An idle mind, the devil's workshop,
It called upon me this once:
I tried to run, tried to take cover,
But in his entrancing words I was stuck.

The seeming tranquility,
The bellowing silences,
The frost-like fire,
Made me shiver.

Indeed, this was the chosen path that I
Had willingly started walking down on.
But what I had left behind-
A blur, a ghost of the past, haunted me.

Something was strange,
The smell was odd,
I shut my eyes,
Closed them to what I was to see.

The idle mind reached its highest peak,
A peak I could never reach before.
Progressing with each little step,
The workshop moulded me.

I wanted to see,
I wanted to be,
The passionless rouses
Of emotions unfelt.

I now stand alone at the end of the road.
I look back only to be where I started off,
I was stuck in the moment that had started a moment ago,
I was truly free.


Akanksha Arya said...

The last few lines just pick up the entire thing and make it a whole. :)
Keep the poetry intact!

jit said...

best part is that u didnt suggest much, just gave hints.. true literature..... postmodern writing.. got the feel

Chandani Karnik said...

wow. I love this one!
Very well wrtiien.

PsycheBubbles said...

Brilliant word pairing, lovely write! :)

Anonymous said...

Thought I would comment and say neat theme, did you make it for yourself? It's really awesome!