Apr 21, 2011

A place unknown

I am still here,
The place where we left off,
The place where we started,

When the search lost its direction,
We shrugged and turned away.
When the memories became bitter,
We knew it was best to let go.

You never stopped to look back,
I kept looking ahead.
I never wanted it back.
You would forget the words you had said.

I see you again and again,
But you are not really here.
You are no longer just a picture in my head,
I no longer know where this leaves me.


jit said...

not just another love poem... isnt it?

Rajesh said...

Beautiful. Wonderful that you could pen this.

Shauna said...

A lovely aubade to a lost or
ended romance.

Pammy said...

read this today.
wish.. did not read it!
its a very good write...but the one i read yesterday remains my fav.

Paramjeet Singh said...

( it is very good poem ..like the last one i read "You're the closest to me".. foolowing is for this poem of yours)

why do they always part?
aint it about heart?
cant they live together?
wasn't it supposed to be forever?
could never understand
why do they move on?
why do they care about
who lost who won?

(again 'good work')

Shantanu Verma said...

In my opinion this is one of your best poems, something very brutally honest about it, really liked it :)