Feb 24, 2010

Newly wed

This photograph captures the feelings of a newly wed couple: 
the groom's shyness and joy, but still, the confusion about what else he is supposed to do to complete the rituals and then finally spend time with his wife
the bride's nervousness having entered her now 'husband's house,but the blush and smile curving outwards showing her happiness at being there, ruining her attempt at looking shy 


Feb 22, 2010

Strange transactions

Are relationships a business deal which lasts just as long as both sides are satisfied, emotionally or physically as the case may be?It saddens me to question this but will our generation ever be able to find stable spouses for life? Or will we just pre-plan marriages with our best friend or our first extra-marital affairs with the hottest friend that we have who is presently dating someone else and hence, he/she is out of your reach? Should a girl discontinue watching movies like 'A Walk To Remember' or 'Serendipity' just to adjust to the fact that there is no Prince Charming, there is no concept of a one-woman man and hence, snap back to the reality of the times? I would not like to pass this off as a hasty generalisation, but in general, the following are the reality of the times:
  1. Most teenagers have committment issues and don't know how to deal with it!
  2. People have had flings with/been in relationships with too many people by the age of 21 and it's a case of 'Been there, done that'. The boredom caused due to this makes the next one just a temporary arrangement between the two concerned individuals.
  3. The line of demarcation between lust and love is fading. Earlier, people would say that lust is physical while love is emotional. Untrue in today's context! The physical and emotional aspect need to co-exist, which is a seemingly impossible task considering the raging hormones of teenagers today.
  4. Love at first sight does not exist. It was a sweet concept while growing up, as was the concept of the man of your dreams coming on a black horse and kneeling down and asking your hand for marriage. The fact: these are concepts. NOT reality. The faster you face it, the easier it is to sleep and not have silly dreams about it!
  5. Hot vampires like Edward Cullen do not exist. But if someone does know of their existence(Mind you, I'm looking for both hot AND a blood-sucking vampire),let me know!
  6. Saying "I love you" is not such a big deal anymore. Apparently. I'm sure I'd still find it special if said to me by someone I like...Can't generalise on this one, though.
  7. Money may not be involved but sex can be a negotiatable deal.
  8. You can't always 'Blame it on the alcohol' as Jamie Foxx thinks.
  9. Condoms are still approved of! Please continue using them!
  10. Despite the fact that I've written this post, I still believe in love and I am waiting for it to come around at the right time with the right guy. Call me pretentious but it's just that though I know the facts, it's okay to hope that the times can be changed and 'love', whatever it may be, exists.

Feb 2, 2010


Her seemingly innocent laugh lures the boy
The laugh to which so many before him have fallen prey.
Her talks of her dreams, the past, and the future
Rehearsed so many times that it is now perfect...
Her moves, swift and graceful
She bends down to remove her stilettos and steps onto the dance floor,
Left hand around the prey's shoulder,
His hand around her waist.
They danced the night away
And went to his place right after.
The door was shut.
The next day, she stepped out, adjusted her mask, and repeated her yesterday.
The unending cycle.
The increasing list of victims.
A free woman, laughing into the dark of the night in an alley.
A cigar in her mouth.

I wrote this poem in class today. I want to know what you as a reader make this girl out to be. Do let me know. Thanks. Hope you enjoy it.

Feb 1, 2010

Eternal sleep and the journey that follows

There he lay, a fading expression on his face
Yet the one thing that was reflected was the grace.
Beyond a human's realm of knowledge was he travelling to
Looking for a new place to stay
But not knowing where, how, why...
A pall of peace covered him.
The music that came from his room was stopped.
When a new home is sought, the journey must be made.


The value that the small piece of paper holds can make a rich man even more indifferent to its loss or can make the poor man regain his faith in God's existence and make his family accept him again, even if it meant he would only be the bread earner to them. The devil's finest work or a blessing in disguise? Only the holder knows.

Closed chapters in life?

Just wrote it in class on 14/01/10 while old Hindi love songs were playing in the background from a radio show from the 1950s. Maybe the lyrics of one of them triggered this off. Maybe.

And one's past comes back to them
In slow, subtle ways.
Be it a letter or bumping into an old lover on a road.
The effect on you would be hard to cover
Old feelings that had been pushed away come right back.
And you start facing them with a sensitivity you had lacked then.
You wish to undo things done and said
Or just wish that it'd go away.
But knowing deep inside that it's too late.
The cravings fade, the anger subsides
And you try and go back to the 'normalcy'.
To the lies.
Trying to believe that nothing has changed or will.
But heart in heart hating the empty spaces that you try to fill.