Feb 1, 2010

Eternal sleep and the journey that follows

There he lay, a fading expression on his face
Yet the one thing that was reflected was the grace.
Beyond a human's realm of knowledge was he travelling to
Looking for a new place to stay
But not knowing where, how, why...
A pall of peace covered him.
The music that came from his room was stopped.
When a new home is sought, the journey must be made.


kittu said...

moving frm rv is very hard isnt it....... these lines totally portray a typical rv student in his final days in the school.

diwaker nature said...

just chanced upon to read few of your write-ups, found myself seemingly appreciative of your thoughts, so dropping you this message! Continue with the good work. i also manage to write sometimes, something, for somethings!

rijuta said...

It reminds me of Frodo Baggins. And I love it.
Also the depth of your thinking, though just a single thought, reminds me of Sid M. You're a wise girl and I love you.