Feb 1, 2010

Closed chapters in life?

Just wrote it in class on 14/01/10 while old Hindi love songs were playing in the background from a radio show from the 1950s. Maybe the lyrics of one of them triggered this off. Maybe.

And one's past comes back to them
In slow, subtle ways.
Be it a letter or bumping into an old lover on a road.
The effect on you would be hard to cover
Old feelings that had been pushed away come right back.
And you start facing them with a sensitivity you had lacked then.
You wish to undo things done and said
Or just wish that it'd go away.
But knowing deep inside that it's too late.
The cravings fade, the anger subsides
And you try and go back to the 'normalcy'.
To the lies.
Trying to believe that nothing has changed or will.
But heart in heart hating the empty spaces that you try to fill.


Jolene said...


Cave Man said...

Its painful to shed pretty lies projected since last centuary through media brainwashing but it is liberating, likewise, the soul got unburdened from eternal slavery.

If there is somewisdom, it is there but spottingly, in blue songs. Where as love songs are nothing but an act of desperation and weakness.

rijuta said...

Can So relate to it! Well done.

sanaya said...

You captured the emotions perfectly.

On the bright side though, I firmly believe that with time its easier to forgive and forget...hence you don't have the same feeling years later when you "bump into an old lover"