Jan 31, 2012

Squishy Squish!

The phrase Squishy Squish sounds so round. Say it and wiggle your ass and it'll actually seem to be a perfect fit. I'm going to do a thesis on how the sound of hearing certain phrases has shapes to them.

On another train of thought, Squishy squish also sounds like the Housie announcement for Eight Eight as Two Fat Ladies 88.

Happy Birthday, Nila!

The child climbed up to the 21st step,
With a little push from her mother.
Her fears had all been thrown aside,
The love received, only deeper.

She learned to walk a step at a time,
She was a potty-trained pro.
But the one thing she could never learn
Was how to cross the road.

My baby will not forget me,
A most beautiful world have we made:
Of memories, smiles and talks of sex,
We'll be together through old age.
I love you, my baby =D

Jan 1, 2012

New blog for a 366-day project! :)

I've decided to stop letting myself believe that I am capable of having a writer's block every few weeks. So, as an attempt to get more regular at writing and understand my writing style a little better, I am attempting this 366 day project. One blog post a day come what may. Prose, poetry or a photograph I clicked on that day (The third option because I feel like a shutterbug on some days). Here'e the link: http://rohinikejriwal.blogspot.com