Oct 2, 2009

Blissful Oblivion?

A carefree oblivion to the incident.
Too young, too naive to understand the intensity.
A believer of the tall tales told to her
A cover up of the brute reality.
Now, of a knowledgeable age is she.
Aware of the once oblivious times.
Aware of the owner of the room she stays in.
Aware of the house that never became a home.
Aware of the detachment she had from them.
Yet, unaware of who gave her the life she now leads.


tpaab said...

I really enjoyed your blog. You have great insight and love for humanity at the tender age of 18. Life does at times seem complicated, and a lot of questions we ask seems to go unanswered don't they?
Do you believe in what the Bible teaches? Because in its pages holds the key to all of life's questions.

Rohini said...

Thank you. Means a lot that you appreciate it,whoever you may be. Maybe I am looking for answers but sometimes I feel I don't even want them. That's the strange thing about this confusing phenomenon called life. Haven't read much of the Bible to comment.