Apr 9, 2008

The Outsider

The cold and dark night.It was'nt right.It just was'nt.I'm sorry.It had to happen but I wish it had happened in a better manner.There are messed up things in life but they are'nt always in our hands to take care of.It happened.Well,things do happen,right?Forgive and forget? Can you go by that for once and accept my apology?Give it a shot.It wont make things worse at least.I needed to.I dont know what to say or do but well,nothing's going to ever be right,is it? This is our determined fate.We still have it in us to change things IF we want but are you sure we can?I want to.I really do.Get back.Make things right.Can we? Cant we at least pretend if nothing?Make it a little better? Ease d environment about us...Why? Will there ever be an answer? An outsider or someone close,an insider pushed away,shunned?The unbecoming of the outsider.

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