Apr 7, 2008


From the turmoils of nature arose a deep golden,
Not the conventional silver lining but beauty unfolding,
Fate was shining,smiling down on us,
The storm of sufferings had passed,
We knew better than to take nature for granted,
Attaining peace and serenity was all we'd ever wanted.


Tanushree said...

i didn't know you were such a good poet. this is very soothing and has wonderful images. there is now real tempo or set rhythm pattern but the poem is such that it sets up its own rhythm. its amazing!!! luv ya!!:D

rohini said...

thanks a lot tanu..i wrote it on asthachal one games time when it was raining...kiran was writing something else n when it stated raining,we kept the pens n books under a rock n lay down on d sliding rock n slept off! :D