Nov 23, 2009

And I saw her standing there...

The girl I've clicked in the photograph is Megha Bisaria.
Someone who lives in her own world and sometimes forgets how to get back to reality.
A friend, when needed and when she's not.
Funny, in an unconventional sense.
Has many blonde moments but yet, loveable.
Dances AMAZINGLY,especially to Papi Chulo and Head of My Class.
Food taste just like me-a lover of spices, Italian, Chinese, and the like.
Weird, in a good way.
In other words, one of my best friends.
Love you, Meg-Meg(I love embarrassing you. Sorry!)


Naman Saraiya said...


kittu said...

who is it???

pirellis miracle elixir said...

hmmm...again, i am honoured to be up here..ahhaha i love the friends forever? <3

Lorraine Bangera said...

so sweet!!