Nov 29, 2009

The Pianist

The drama in my life goes beyond words
Yet the music encaptures the breaths I am living for,
My soul,yet unconquered,yearns to touch thee,
But circumstances forbid me from doing so.
The lady next door,the German,plays it herself.
If i did touch thee,I'd be dead.
She hates me without even knowing
My identity(what I knew of it) is dead.

I see you now,I can touch you.
My soul is set free as I do so,
My heart skips another beat,I've been dead so long!
Notes flow through my fingers and my hand gains control of me.
The yearnings of my past years' deaths coming back to me.


kittu said...

nice stuff although i cudnt really relate myself to it

Rohini said...

It's a poem written on the movie, The Pianist.
Not something to relate to.

Lorraine Bangera said...

Since how many years have you been writing poetry?
your really good...:)

stugod said...

a bit funny as i watched the pianist this week..why i say it is funny is because the horror of ww2 is some thing i have took a close look at and tried to work out how it happened.

Django said...

one of my all time fav movies. U should check out more movies by polanski