Nov 24, 2009

No escape

Entrapped in a world of singularity,

I feel alone, lost in the complexity,

It’s a new world I enter without you by my side.

Its new and scary, the rules I must abide by.

It’s been untold but understood that I must forget you

I despise my fate for having made me ever meet you!

Were you not in my life today I'd be free,

With myself and my thoughts, I wouldn’t disagree.

I'm happy it was you, and I miss the times

That we shared over the days, thirty-nine,

I know I’m selfish but I wish you didn’t leave

From neither me nor others can my pain be conceived.

You've touched a part of me that noone else has

My soul, if I have it, is now yours till my last...


kittu said...

love it man
im copying this thing and saving it in my comp

brings bak memories of 11th rite after i left u guys man

Veronica Gautam said...

How very lovely. Wow

Anonymous said...

I love this poem.


Lorraine Bangera said...

how do u do it??
*lost in admiration*