Nov 12, 2009


This is the culprit for trying to murder the frog that just escaped it's death on the Sunday morning of 24th September, 2009. Preparations were upcoming exams were not going too well and to take out his anger with himself, 'Anda'-the Rishi Valley football team captain sat down by the pond and starting aiming and throwing pebbles on the frogs in it.Throwing tiny pebbles at the frogs that emerge on the surface is one thing. Taking a pole and prodding it till it dies is another. One message for you,Anda-Live and let live!
The survivor is shown below. At peace with itself and its surroundings.


Shiv said...

Please write more light hearted, less vocab-intensive posts like these, once in a while. :)
They make a fun read RoHo :)

kittu said...


Anonymous said...

The frog which was tagged as me on facebook. hmph!

At least i'm happy it lived. :)

Anda shove ur danda somewhere else.
hahahaha :D

my PJ's get better.

chandani said...

yay for frog rights!!!

did you knw: if u lift a frong, it will pee. lift it using ur hand asin.

Anirud said...

xcuse me rohini....

Rohini said...

I shall try writing lighter pieces. They're actually fun..Chandu,thanks for the information.It's so critical to my life!! and Athang,it wasn't funny!!! :)
Sorry Anda!