Nov 18, 2009

Murphy's Law: Verified!

Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will.

Sadly, the law has applied to me one too many a times in life. I won’t be writing about the small incidents like wearing white on a sunny day that suddenly becomes a day with heavy rains, missing the bus by a few seconds, thinking that it is Media Laws class and you can walk in 20 minutes late but finding out that the class was instead taken by your HOD...I’ll write about the major incidents.

To start with the first major injury I still distinctly remember was when I was running up and down my steps in my first house on 12A, Judges Court Road while skipping alternate steps. After doing the same cycle of going up and coming back down a few fifty times, I was a little tired and on my way down, I felt slightly drowsy and lost balance and slipped on the steps closer to the ground than the top. I fell headfirst, bit my tongue in the middle of the process and passed out. I woke up in the hospital room after a few minutes, semi-conscious, and could hear that my tongue had been split into two and the part with the tip was dangling. After they operated on me and when the anaesthesia started wearing off, I was told that I had dissolvable stitches on my tongue to join the two parts once again. The only thing I was pleased about was that my diet would only comprise of ice cream and other soft food items. A stitch in time saves nine??? But what about the fact that a few months after that, my fingernail got stitched as it came under a sewing machine while the tailor worked at home? Murphy at it again, wasn't he?

The next example of how much damage the law caused me was when I was running after my dog, Smiley. I miss her dearly now. When I was 8, she stole my stuffed toy from my hand and was running around the house with it in her mouth. Her rounds of the house included jumping onto the sofa and leaping off. I must admit that I was not a very bright kid and when I tried to save my teddy bear from having its eye’s ripped out; I jumped onto the sofa and leaped with Smiley, forgetting that I would not land on all fours. I slipped, banged my chin against the granite floor, and passed out, as always. Another operation followed after the bleeding reduced, leaving the stitches still visible on my chin. A message for the readers- Please be careful! Keep in mind that you are a human, with 2 legs to walk on and no tail to hang from branches with.

The last incident was in May, 2006. This was one of the more recent episodes on the major scale. I was talking to Saurav Goswami, my handsome back up husband (who is madly in love with Manavi) at around 12.30 one night. I was locking my cupboard door after taking out something and my wrist got stuck in the space to be latched (on the left door of the cupboard) and my skin got stuck and pulled out. A lot of blood was involved. I told Saurav about it and he got freaked because I mentioned that it was bleeding and blood freaks him out! I woke up my mother who started panicking and making calls. Within minutes, my uncle had picked us up and I was taken to a nearby hospital. The skin was folded inside using tweezers and other medical equipments, I was injected with a Tetanus shot ‘somewhere’ and it was finally bandaged. The dressing had to be changed regularly and within a month, the pain had completely receded. Had it been stitched as was required (2nd doctor’s suggestion), there would be no bump on my wrist as is there now as the proof of the efficiency of the damn law! Thanks a lot, Murphy!


chandani said...

lol, my adorable little klutz! i think the kolkata medicial stitches industry survives today because of ppl like u. :P
look at the brite side, eh?

kittu said...

seriously man ro!!! i cant believe that it actually happened and of all ppl to U.

Not that ur not extrordinarily energetic or anything but for some reason i just refuse to believe it.

and ya it sort of reminds me of madi and the 100 ways in which he broke almost all the bones in his body and more importantly they r all very funny man.

but ur injuries are sooo painful man BUT due to the law of karma - in the end - thru all those injuries, a beautful and unique and extrordinary girl has emerged rite?

mai koi line nehi maar raha hu - trying to learn hindi frm bollywood movies man - hope it makes u smile

nitika said...

ohh ma god.. poor doctoors.. neva had experienced patient lyk ro ro... take cre.. luv yea.. n by d way nycly writtn

ME said...

I see, Love, it's bee a harsh life.
But then again... You have a Story!!
About the writing: the humour was strategically placed and well executed. A mighty accomplishment! Enjoyed it through and through!

Ayesha said...

You have had an eventful life I see :D Murphy has been especially hard at work with you :P

Anonymous said...

You've had loads of bloody experiences...makes me grimace but the whole thing was superb!! Sadly..u had to go through all those things but atleast they made an amazing piece, dint they??

Naman Saraiya said...

Well, I have to comment after all of this?
Just proves that you're clumsy.
Not the Murphy's Law.
Strangely, in recent times.
Chipped your toe nail, at GD-PI.
That wasn't Murphy's Law.
It was Advertising.
Second time, you passed out.
It wasn't Murphy's Law.

Veronica Gautam said...

Ouch !

Chris Adler said...

eeks ... this is more like those gore movies !!!
And about Murphy ... crazy guy !!

Dipen said...

i like the pessimism... its good...

Rohini said...

In the recent past,I have only suffered a scar on my knee while making a cd for someone and the CD Rom got stuck and cut through my skin :) Chandani,you're a true optimist!
Kittu,thanks for the 'beautful and unique and extrordinary girl has emerged' statement.lmao.
To the others, thanks :)
Such is life.

adhwaith said...

ur awesome!!!!
anyhow, since u wanted me 2 comment and be honest... ummm lets see... ur a joy to read and i love your work.
yes! :p