Aug 7, 2010

Paint me a picture

Paint me a picture, show me all,
Use vivid colors but black for the pall.
The shades of red be extensively used,
Tone down the blues of its different hues.

Paint me a picture, show me all,
How our empire rose, despite the first fall.
Man, woman, and child, depict them true
The worst affected as the violence grew.

Paint me a picture, show me all,
Towards our enemies, we did crawl.
Bloodshed, hunger, fear and hate,
Are all that remains in this soldier's fate.

Paint me a picture, show me all,
Place it on my now bare walls.
Today, I may no longer be able to see,
But in it my son will be able to see my past, my glory.


Anonymous said...


gautham said...

i love the imagery
the brutality of war is a sad thing...

shiv said...

its nice :)
I still don't get how you can rhyme.
makes me think of a kingdom. :O

Akanksha Arya said...

Bare walls.
I love that line.
I think that just summarizes what could possibly happen to one after the war zone.

Nice. :)

Anonymous said...

this ending was the best :P

Oren Stern said...

you should try some of your poetry at the Conjunction forums --

they offer great critique there, nice community.

also, feel free to visit The God Bolt,

and i look forward to reading more of your work

Şuρēŗmųr™ said...

Very nice. I liked the first line being repeated to different tones. Good stuff!

Krish said...

"Paint me a picture, show me all" - I love the sound.