Jul 28, 2010

The last one fell

Autumn winds came lingering on
My grandfather's tree it swayed,
The maple leaves would at dawn
Seem alive with the dull Sun's rays.

The memories of those days long gone
Filtered in and out of his disturbed mind,
He looked out the window at his lawn
In the roots,his past memories he tried to find.

One leaf remained on the autumn struck branch
Grandpa sighed and breathed his last,
The last leaf fell down in a motion like a trance
My feelings, the sky, the overcast


Cheesecake! said...

I'm not usually very positive on poetry, but very nice.

Jay Niner said...

the beauty of poetry lies in being sparing with words, more with less.. a little brevity needed especially when dealing with rhymes. nice thoughts, yet.

Sayak said...

Beautifully connected thoughts. Nice! :)