Jul 28, 2010

Yours today, mine tomorrow

I'd like to escort you to the other bank of the river but the existence of this abyss in my heart prevents me. The darkness feels cold. My emotions flow uncontrollably like this river. The tears, unstoppable. I will make the journey on another day when I am ready. I will join you on the lands you are about to explore and walk uncountable miles by your side. The past will be our present and we shall meet the others and dine with our forefathers. But forgive me for I will not make this journey today. My time shall come. I only come to bid you farewell and a peaceful journey. You shall be missed. Till the next time we meet, Goodbye.


ɳɪα said...

I like this one, and the previous posts too. It's like, you can feel the depth. :)

Amit upadhyaya said...

Nice one.
I could actually feel it!

Dev B said...

This is nice! I like it...simple yet meaningful!