Aug 27, 2010

A Frame of Freedom

To me, this photograph implies freedom. 
It was taken in Bangalore but it could have been clicked anywhere because this is an everyday thing. 
It happens all around us and sometimes, we even get to see this freedom up close, against our wish. 
Death is that release, that freedom that helps one let go of whatever you were clutching on to.
The false hopes. 
The norms of society.
The people who we don't want bossing over us.
The turbulent state of affairs in a country fighting for their independence.
Death frees all.
This 6-winged creature is free.
A cup of freedom, anyone?

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Vasanthkumar Mysoremath said...

Birth is accidental
Living is unavoidable
Death is imminent

Birth is accidental (mostly) because most of us were born out of the momentary lust for pleasure.

Once we are born, living is unavoidable - we live because we were born.

Death is imminent - God was a bad mechanic - He did not create a perfect human machine that can function for ever and ever. So, death is imminent - What is death? - Simply explained, it means, you forget to get up after sleeping. Further explanation - How many of us know what exactly happens when we are asleep?

If you look at the philosopy of these words, you will find that birth is accidental, living is unavoidable and death death is imminent and is a component of birth and death.

A. K. said...

So true.. Death is the ultimate freedom. Freedom from this greed infested world...

Rajesh said...

Beautiful words.

wise donkey said...

interesting take:)

dev b said...

I wnt call death...ultimate freedom..its definitely you letting go of all those things that bother/hurt/annoy etc. you
but there are other things..the flip side...things you like/people you love etc etc. that you leave wont like to be freed frm them would you?

But a different perception..yours! nice! :)