Aug 24, 2010


Staring into this misty abyss,
The vast spreading silence excites me.
Feeling the shiver down the spine,
Experiencing the beautiful unknown.

The whites and the purples in the green,
The cloud encompassing us,
The raindrops falling on my skin,
An untouchable aura.

The beauty in the falling rain
Oh!It did move me.
Traversing the hills in the foggy morn,
In my mind, I had found peace.


Hiren said...

Loved it!!!

Especially the last line

"Traversing the hills in the foggy morn,
In my mind, I had found peace"


jaydantara2 said...

Well written :)
I like the way you present it ... truly lonavala is a beautiful place :)

varsha suman said...

very nice ro...

Anonymous said...

the whites and prple in the green:)
<3 it.

sahil khan said...

nicely written. but don't make a repeat trip to find the same peace. it's not been the same when i went 4 yrs back. but worth the late night trips to have chai. ;)

Anonymous said...

or to have other things ;)

ɳɪα said...

An untouchable aura indeed. :)

Acp said...

Well written