Aug 31, 2010

The death of Santa Claus

On Christmas morning, after collecting their gifts from Santa:

"Merry Christmas, Shivam Bhaiya!" *hugs*
"Merry Christmas, Choti!"
"We won't get scolded for anything today, right?"
"What do you have in mind?" *evil grin emerging on face*
"Let's have chips for breakfast! Junk food for breakfast is the ideal breakfast."
"I love how food obsessed we can be. I'll go check in the kitchen. And we can put sauce on it, as we do with everything consumable."
"Choti!!!  *prolonged shriek* Come here right now!"
*running to the kitchen from the computer room where Choti was happily playing Lego Island*
"What happened? Are you all right?"
"Look what I found."
*points to the dustbin with around 30 Lays and Cheetos packets*
"It's chips! What's the big deal?"
"We got 15 tazos each as a Christmas present from Santa. Mom made us write to Santa asking him what we wanted for Christmas this year and we wrote that we wanted to expand our tazo collection so that we can exchange them in school. Do you really think the letter reached the North Pole?"
"If she said it did, then..."
"You think so...?" *voice quivering*
"I think so."
"Nooooooooo. But this can't be! You mean to say that for the last few years, we've been tricked by your Mom and mine? But why?"
"I do not know. The minds of these adults works in mean ways."
"It's OK, Chots. Jesus Christ might have been born on 25th December but Santa Claus just died."


ɳɪα said...

Creates the impact, that last line. :)

Anonymous said...

the last line does it all:).. man....there s nothing worse than when your bubble gets burst :( <3

Soham Sarkhel said...

nice one...
loved the last line and this one too....
"The minds of these adults works in mean ways"

Shweta said...

The end of childhood! Things were easier back in those days, right? :-)

Personally, I never believed in Santa. I got out of my childhood not through a single incident - it was more of a process really.

Yes, adults were meaner back then. Now we belong to that group.

dev b said...

ouch..that last line kinda hurts! :)
but awesome the way you write it...and trust me...we' ll all become like "the mean adults" you talk about, someday!!!