Aug 17, 2011

The missing spark

If you want me
Let me know
Where do you want to go.
No need for talking
I already know.
-The XX (Stars)

He'd been in her life for too long a time. On and off, never always there. You know the kind. Actually, you'd never know with this one-he was mad, alive, untouched by rain or snow. A model of a do-what-he-wants kind of man. And quite a man at that!

She had asked him to be there too many a time and for once, he did. And when he finally did, he made her repent not having pushed him to come earlier. The initial warm but too shortlived hug was shared. And before they knew it, they lay close to each other watching a movie. That movie changed everything. When it started, when it ended, they knew not. But they did know that that movie had changed everything.

And for once, he could do what he wanted but could not. And that made him angry. It brought out his inner self. It made him feel vulnerable. And that intimidated her and brought out her inner side, her inner vices. Exposed to him, it seemed to find itself a partner, a vent, a shadow. And never a better hand to hold had she found.

In her exposed state, she found comfort, she found a soothing sense of vulnerability that would not give in to anything but what felt right at that moment. Inside her, she felt something spark!

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