Jul 16, 2011

A poem is a poem is a poem

The combination of these words,
Are neither romantic nor meaningful.
Yet they find an inconspicuous place
In the pages of this book.

This poem that I begin to write
Has no particular rhyming scheme,
But as I write this third line,
I see it also lacks a theme.

A theme that I thought I would write on
Got lost in my train of thoughts,
And I could not seem to get it back
So I just kept going on.

I tried to write on life and death,
I tried to write on love.
But the only thing I could say with my words:
A poem is a poem is a poem.


Rajesh said...

You pulled it through... beautifully :)

raunak said...

it is inconspicuous because it is neither romantic nor meaningful :P

Anonymous said...

nah... :)) you write less these days? :)

Yours sincerely
Dream Seller

Serendipity said...

hah! cute :)

Rohit said...

I agree with Rajesh. You have managed to pull something off, which not many I assure you, can !

Chintan said...

but it is indeed interesting poem...