Jun 29, 2011

Sprinkles in Chocolateville

If I start thinking about a particular topic given to me, my thoughts immediately go to food. It's like this uncontrollable reflex action. The topic is 'Joy', I think of Pasta. The topic is 'Love', I think Chocolates. The topic is 'Black and White', I think me wearing sunglasses (hence, the black) and vanilla ice cream with Hershey's chocolate sauce. Of course, the originally brown chocolate sauce looks black thanks to the dark sunglasses.

And then I think about colour added to it. The beautiful perfect chocolate sundae in the making. I can't only salivate and so, I lie down, shut my eyes, and wander off into Chocolateville, the carefully scooped out corner of my mind dedicated to fantasies of chocolates. Of course, Cafe Coffee Day's Chocolate Fantasy with ice cream and chocolate sauce always remains an inspiration for other fantasies to stem out!

And in Chocolateville, as I make the perfect sundae with two, possibly four scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate ice cream on top of it, I start adding a touch of red to this painting of Utopia in my mind with the cherry on top. I proceed to eat the cherry and leave the fleshy brownish pink seed to the side. I then scoop out two scoops of strawberry ice cream and melt it into the sundae, making it a dark chocolate-meets-sinful pink strawberry-meets pristine vanilla love triangle. The actual cherry on top is the colorful sprinkles that I pour as if it's raining on the sundae. God, it looks so beautiful! I could almost taste the different colours...

I snap out of this wonderful colourful dream of mine. I run to my kitchen. I open the fridge. I take out the biggest bowl I have. I take out the first scoop, then the second, then the third, then the fourth. I stop. I look around. Noone is watching me and the world's my stage. I pretend to be the best chef the world has ever seen. I cook up the concoction I just dreamed of. I was right. With all its colours and flavors and smells, it was a little bite of Heaven. And then I devoured Heaven till my tummy started to ache.

This post was my entry for the 'Take Flight with Colour' contest on IndiBlogger.in.


Someone is Special said...

Chocomania.. Hmm a great post.. Good luck and will my life be colourful

Someone is Special

Chitz said...

YUMMY!!!!! :) tell me what color do i paint

Anonymous said...

Really well-written! A true writer like you MUST write a book!