Jun 14, 2011


Words can define,
Words can scar,
Words can be just as they are.

They may not have a point,
They might sound dumb, 
But platypus will always be a word, just like gum.

Words can rhyme, 
Words can describe,
But I wonder why 'gunk' is what is found in my eye.

At the end of the day,
The words hold no meaning,
Unlike the lucid or blurry dreams that you see when you are REMing.

I'd like to say it's only words,
And words are all I have,
To take your heart away.
But I will not, for that would be gay.

Amen. (That's an interesting sounding word!)


Ayesha said...

Is funny. I like :D

Hitesh - Book Readers Lounge said...

some people play with words really well :P
if i were to compliment, id say, well played Rohini :p

Anonymous said...

:) hehehe :D

Anonymous said...

i like it. it has a 'ring' to it ;)