Aug 20, 2011

My silent shadow

There are those times in the night
When I am afraid to walk alone,
To walk that long stretch under the streetlights
To my house at the corner of the road.

My lone house to the corner right,
Would take too many steps to reach.
But then I realize I have a friend, 
My stalker, my best company.

My shadow is my only friend,
Sometimes she's tall, sometimes short,
But on those rainy blurry nights,
Her haziness never does appall.

She is beautiful, much more than I
Could ever dream to be.
She wanders creepily behind,
But only seems to put me at ease.

I know her well, she really hears me out,
Despite the occasional silences.
Those silences are truly missed,
When in the dark, she vanishes.


raunak said...

it was a lonely all felt gloomy and moist...could do nothing at all...but as the night became still....grabbed the earphones, and my phone...went up to the terrace....and alas! felt the presence of a second person....
and now i come across these set of words...sheer coincidence...

Anonymous said...

very good.

Tarang Sinha said...

This is nice!