Aug 29, 2011

An entry from my ('clean' house) floor's diary

Yesterday, it was all but through layers that I could try and see the rest of the world. Layers and layers of dust had been gathering over my poor body and no one had bothered to help me overcome my eye's inability to see clearly. Normally, there's some random witch aka the 'bai' (Code word for the Bai The Way, I'm A Witch Association) who comes with her broom and removes the accumulated much once a day. She was dismissed from her services yesterday. All the books I've read always told me that witches are the villains but it is NOT true, I tell you! They are wonderful and so strong and brave. God bless the witches!

Today, one of my regular users decided to be the witch and remove the blackness off me. I had heard some talk about someone's mother arriving because of which, this once-in-a-blue moon ordeal had to be done. I did not understand why that meant that I'd be paid sudden attention to but either way, I was okay with that. I was actually beaming with pride aka shining aka sparkly white. That was until the everyday routine inevitably came into play-pizza crumbs thrown at me with vengeance, water droplets to make me feel colder than I already do and to top it off, a truck load of hair strands strewn about me as if to somehow decorate and enhance my short-lived former glory.

I learnt something today: It is better not to expect much kindness from the owner who pays a fairly huge sum of Rs 15,000 a month to tread on you. Also, the floor is always cleaner on the other side.

Oh, I almost forgot, I made up a new poem today on my pitiable life:
Shoes may come, Shoes may go, But the unwashed clothes pile that rests on me, Is definitely here to stay.


Aman said...

intriguing =)

Anonymous said...

aint good

raunak said...

hahahahaha.... loved it

Anonymous said...

awesome :)

~Suraj~ *~-Love is in the Air -~* said...

may be life are like this, hai na?

we all have our own understanding pertaining to the people and their attitude... Some are good, some are bad..
even the worst people (or may be characterless) are good in some aspects for somebody, and polite, honest people are bad for somebody..

never to bother how life is going for other, but yeah, to find ourself how we can go ahead, to bring the perfection within us, to cross our earlier own record....

loved the blog..
will come back again for other post..
keep penning..