Sep 15, 2011


Twisting and turning,
Seeing it again and again,
It won't go this easily,
I've always lost this game.

Beyond my mind's capacity,
This world unknown unfurls,
Taking me to the pits of hell,
Taking me through a slow fall.

Disintegrating within me-
My insides churn and flow,
It's almost as if I can feel
My intestines slowly grow.

Expansions and contractions,
Destroying every part of me,
They grab and pull and tear and hit,
And all I can do is stare.

Crawled into the fetal position,
I try and wish them away,
But I know that it'll make them only
For a prolonged time stay.

I check for the monster under my bed,
I repeat the unsaid prayers,
But the only thing that's left to do-
Is to accept it's all in my head.

1 comment:

raunak said...

couldn't be more descriptive...seriously...