Sep 15, 2011

Two fools in love

A friend of mine (first in college) bought a synthesizer recently and asked me to write funny sappy lyrics for him to compose something to. The theme given: love and hope, two concept that I've become completely unfamiliar with. Hence, this.

No clear direction to take,
No balance to keep me still,
But I still keep on going,
To see where this might lead.

I pause and think,
It all comes back.
I picked you that day
To share that dance.

The first time our hands touched,
The way our eyes met,
The spark of yesterday,
It's all coming back to me.

There are times when I feel this isn't,
This isn't the perfect I always dreamed,
This isn't quite what I wanted,
It's not as easy as it used to be.

But then you come and make me smile,
You hold my sweaty hands,
You fill my life with surprises,
You make it all seem so damn nice.

I want to believe you're not really mine,
But there's no point kidding anyone;
I'm a fool, a fool in love,
With another fool like me.

Chorus: (don't know where it'll go)
I love you,
You love me,
We're not what we used to be.
But one hot kiss,
You'll make my dreams come true,
Now let me see what to do to you


Anonymous said...

:) "hot" kiss... it spoiled it all..

Jiya said...

I do not know you personally, but i found your blog interesting. I really like the post above :)

raunak said...

send me the composition when it is done...will you?