Sep 21, 2011

Shantiniketan: A photostory

My favorite part of the place: Rikshaw rides. In the evening, we were on it and passed forested areas where fireflies pretty much enveloped entire trees. One of the most beautiful journeys in my life.

This little boy was selling these handicraft items at the local Saturday bazaar. This wink-smile caught my eye. As did the little pink chappals and the bow and arrows that reminded me of younger, more innocent days.

This Baul singer was the most co-operative subject to photograph. He was singing Ekla Cholo Re in the most authentic Bengali way possible. A sheer pleasure to hear.

The local bazaar was a magical place. There were Baul singers sitting under the shade of trees playing by themselves. Some had audiences, some didn't. The vermilion in his turban stood out so prominently against the greenery. It just had to be captured.

One of the last conversations that I had on my trip was on the train back to Calcutta because I slept on the train after standing near the door for a while, something I always do on train journeys. One of my oldest friends and I chatting away after two cups of coffee standing there. Not the best time to capture us but still a happy memory.


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Though personal, last pic is beautiful and reminds me of days when I used to sit on the gates of moving trains and have chats with my friends! :-)
PS - Add tea to the 'chat'