Aug 20, 2011

My Interview on BookChums

Here's a short excerpt from my interview taken by after 'Down The Road' came out. It felt strange answering it but it's funny, in retrospect:

How was the experience editing Down The Road? How were the drafts you received? What did you look for while compiling the collection?
To say the least, it was a very exciting and new experience for me to edit Down The Road. I wasn’t really sure how difficult it would be but just took the plunge when Ahmed asked me to co-edit it with him.

Some of the drafts I received had little or no errors, while others required a little more working on. It worked on a feedback mechanism, where I would track the changes as I edited and would send it to the author. After he/she went through it and agreed to those changes or didn’t, it would be sent back to me and then the re-editing would start and this process would continue until the final copy was ready.

I did not select the stories in the collection and hence, the question of compiling the collection doesn’t arise.

Read the full interview here.
(P.S.It's a really bad photograph used!)

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Kitten said...

Nice interview, all the best in your career Rohini.