Feb 24, 2011

Disguised Dreams

You spice them up with the tobasco and chilli,
Only to conceal the blandness.
You put on layers and layers of clothes,
Only to hide their bareness.

The truths that lie in their depth-
A depth that is unknown.
Without the facts and figures,
The dreams are never truly seen.

Disguised in different hues and shades,
Perceived with the strangest tints,
Disguised dreams shall forever be
A dream within a dream.

(The phrase 'Disguised Dreams' isn't something I came up with. Credits to Mr Mehra, who came up with it and didn't even realize how nice a phrase it is!)


Anonymous said...

"A dream within a dream" -inception :P

chinky1234 said...

i would love to know what was going through your mind when you wrote this.

like this line : A depth that is unknown. :)

Mehak said...

absolutely amazing! i loved every line, from start to end.
and indeed, it is a very nice phrase. :)

mashhood said...

amazing words.... great piece of emotions & art

Mr. Dream Teamo said...

Amazing Lines!!! A dream Within a dream!!..:)
-Mr. Dream Teamo