Feb 5, 2011


It was more than the space within the four walls, floor and roof. It was more than an abode for those who lived in it. It was more than a concept, with a reason for being what it was. It was what is was-Home. The nest to the bird, the igloo to the Eskimo, the burrow to the rabbit...

Merely a means of housing or is it more? Is it conventional wisdom that a home is what you make of it, key word here being 'you'. The 'you' is the family who makes their house into their home, be it a family of two, four or even, ten! Size does not matter when the pleasure of sharing a space, however big or small, with a loved one comes into play. Memories, good and bad, make the home what it is and the cherishable memories with family that one has is directly proportionate to the happiness in a home.

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Jay Niner said...

Home's where the heart is, so they say;
And does not go by, a day;
When the heart does not go astray-
And we can still at home remain, to entertain of peace, a ray.

-My old habit of attaching rhymes to posts.