Feb 22, 2011

Conversations over texts

*Phone vibrating*
One Message Received.
She wakes up from her half-awake state and pulls out the phone from under her pillow.
Who could be messaging her at 4 in the morning? And why?
She smiled.
She didn't really need to think who it was.
She knew very well as to who it was that would not think twice about the time and just text her even if he didn't get a reply back at that hour. He just needed to get whatever thought was on his mind into that text.
He did.
He told her what he had been dying to tell her for the last few weeks.
She had to know.
He could not bear to keep her in the shadows about this any longer.
The message declared his feelings.
He had hated the pasta she had made.
He had lied to her to keep her happy.
But if he had to force down that half-cooked, half-burnt inedible dish ever again, he would have to stop meeting her for home-cooked meals.
She replied.
He would be rewarded for his honesty.


chinky1234 said...

Been a long time since I've read something so beautifully simple and sweet...and yet so meaningful.

Breath of fresh air..love it.

Raajii said...

awww... that is so so cute :-)

P@ul@mi said...

ohh its awesome

Anonymous said...

A friend that needs to be neatly tucked along with the cellphone under the pillow..what treasure..

raunak said...

memories.....has this happened to you? well this has happened to me exactly the same way :P :)