Feb 12, 2011

Conversations over songs from the past.

A-The woman. G-The man.

A: (singing Simon and Garfunkle’s song) I am a rock. I am an island.

G: Every man is an island!

A: Uh, it’s NO man is an island, which goes to say that none of us can survive alone. Human beings are not meant to be isolated creatures but in fact, supposed to practise community living. There is a society and societal norms for a reason.

G: I was just trying to contribute to the...

A: John Donne was the one to use the line first, if I not mistaken. (pauses) Yes. It was in his poem, For whom the bell tolls that the line was used it. No man is an island, Entire of itself. (delighted)

G: (astonished) You see, THIS is exactly why I am in love with you. Because you can actually shut me up and get me fascinated by the poetry and lyrics that you live your life by.

A: (unresponsive) That’s real sweet of you, Georgie. I’m a singer/song-writer. I live by my words and those of others. That’s all I can relate to. But right now, I need you to not utter another word while you’re in this room so that I can finish listening to this song in peace.

G: (annoyed) You know how I hate it when you call me that! Will you kiss me if I shut up for five minutes?

A: Fifteen, not five. And then a nice, wet one for you, Georgie. No negotiations now. Trot along, now.

G: Woman! You drive me crazy. But I do love you.

A: I love you, too. Now...

G: I’m out before you have to say it. (shuts door of room as he walks out)

A: (smiles to herself) I love you, you mad mutt!

G: (from the other room) You’ve no idea how much I love you, you bitch!

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Mehak said...

this was interesting.. enjoyed reading it! :)