Mar 1, 2011

You're the closest to me.
But we're so distant.
Bridge the gap.
It hurts too much.
And I love you too much to let this go.
To let this go away.
To let the love stop flowing.
One way.
Or two ways.
I know not.
But let's try?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

(your poem is absolutely amazing, I take liberty to submit the following lines)

there is no gap,
only a thin line,
I let go everything,
to make you mine,
But I cant let you go,
even if you want to,
how much I love you,
you dont have a clue,
the sand on the shore,
the aroma you wore,
I should get back to work as its time,
I dont know what I wrote here,
but it seems it did rhyme!

( :) all the very best for your writing and poem thing..again your poem is very good. regards)