Sep 18, 2010

The Waterfall

Like people, it has two faces-the brute side of nature being a part of the fast-flowing violent course of a river. Or perhaps, something that calms you down as you see the layers that the water falls in if you stand still and track its flow.
You throw in a coin and make a wish.
The denomination does not matter because it is simply the giving up of something that is yours to Nature. You see the shimmer from atop as the coin awaits the flow of the water to consume it and allow it to begin its journey.
And then, the reflection is gone.
The coin is taken into the depths of the water, mixed with the soil, and accepted as an offering of something made my Man to Nature. A token of appreciation for all that it has to show you.
We are all like the waterfall-playful at times, wild and violent at others. Exploring the course that the river of life is taking...

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kittu said...

veryy well thought of girl. life is very similar to streaming water in the sense that it has many ups and downs and it can break thru rocks and mountains yet it isnt hard at all. And jst like nature, we can control the path that our lives take.

Another way to look at ourselves is as a person sailing on this river. If we do not mark/acknowledge our start and end points in life, after some time well jst be lost without direction or destination.