Sep 5, 2010

The Wannabes

Lack of originality.
Inability to think for themselves.
'Going with the flow' taken too literally.
Lying to themselves.
They are the 'Wannabes'.
The ones who just HAVE TO follow the trends, regardless of whether it makes any sense to them personally or not. The ones who are always trying to fit in. Those who go out of the way to buy the new Ray-Ban shades that the 'cool dudes' are wearing or the tank top that all the apparently beautiful girls have adorned. What happened to the concept of beauty within? Of never judging a book by its cover? Of accepting and appreciating everybody for who they are?

Has the time arrived to say that we have entered the era of The Wannabes, who are now penetrated so deep into our social structure that their roots are already too deep to be uprooted? Is there a possible way out of this madness or will we all slowly succumb and convert? Why aren't people making a huge hue and cry about an involuntary conversion of a faith this time? Is it possible that this is not even a new concept but has always been ingrained in humanity and it is only now that it is surfacing due to circumstances? Has mankind paved its own way for disaster in the form of an army of people who, due to social facts, no longer wish to be how they are but in fact, choose to be Longfellow's 'dumb, driven cattle'?


Pallav said...

You write well.. I guess I say that every time I comment on your blog...

Every single of your observations and every question raised has logic..

It indeed seems that we have lost the sense of self in this world of maddening materialism and the quest to be accepeted.. to somehow just fit in..

We forget we lose ourselves when we jostle to be a part of the crowd...

Soham Sarkhel said...

nice one...
loved the line
"who are now penetrated so deep into our social structure that their roots are already too deep to be uprooted?"

P.S-Post the link to Vageesh

Amit upadhyaya said...

Wannabes are good for us. they provide entertainment. unintentionally.

Go Rohini.