Sep 17, 2010


It's something that you would have felt at some time or the other in your life. The only time that you wouldn't have felt it would have been when you were truly attached to your mother with an umbilical cord; i.e.biologically not alone.
But in the everyday reality of your existence, being alone is a part. A major or minor part, but there. It is an inevitable feeling with or without your acknowledgement of it. But that does not change the existence of the feeling when you are locked up in your room or at a social gathering with a bunch of familiar faces but none that you can relate to.
That is not to say that it is necessarily a bad thing if someone feels alone. It is a much needed way to sanity in crazy,tumultuous times. It is in an escape route when the world seems to be gaining in on you. It can lead to a creative expression of one's thoughts. In Ruskin Bond's words, Loneliness is a vital part of an artist's creativity.
It is what it is. Writing about it doesn't make the empty spaces go away, doesn't help gain control of the feeling.
The world spins madly around you but you are still. You are not swept away by the wave. Your frequency does not match with anyone else's.
So be it.


Anonymous said...

i can relate to it-this is exactly what my last post was about- this feeling is new and strange, but hell i agree with ruskin bond..loneliness helps one understand themselves better, it helps you figure out things and become stronger. you can no more hide behind the company of people, this is it, you have to face it, and before you know it- there is a tap on your back by a friend or a lover that reminds you that you are not the only lonely one, your at the end of it,in it together :) and that makes you feel so much better :)

Amit upadhyaya said...

Empathized with it.