Sep 13, 2010


One of the things that makes life interesting is living someone else's experience in your own context. You read a book, hear stories, watch them happen...But when you become a character in the story and live it, it really is something else.

There have been many occasions where one has heard/read about the feeling you get while watching 'someone' sleep. (The inverted commas should get the point across to those who'd know what I'm talking about.) Just the simple act of observing the person as they sleep. You watch from afar, observing the slight frown on the forehead calm itself, careful of not waking the person up with a sudden movement. You watch the chest moving with each breath. You notice the little details of the face that you hadn't till then.

You smile to yourself.

You feel slightly strange because you realize that if a third person had not noticed the intertwined fingers of the two concerned individuals, he'd have taken you to be a stalker!

After a while, the person wakes up from dreams of Pokémon Red and you look away, pretending that you'd only been listening to your iPod and looking at the road in front of you the whole time...


Anonymous said...

the ending <3 :)

Amit upadhyaya said...

this is nice. i mean you actually do it?!

I do!!