Jun 14, 2010

To Babu

Holding on to a false hope,
A deception awaits.
Forgiveness is sought for my words unto thee,
I yield unto thee in dismay.
A glimmer of light as he arises into the sky,
shielding the rapture within,
A new day, short but special,
to cherish what remains.
The answer you seek, the bliss from little moments
I hope,it be the gift you receive.


ritz said...


Kaushal Vaddiraj said...

I wish I could fully understand the poem. Thank you anyway. It was a really wonderful gift(the chocolates were awesome too!!!) I do love the last four lines!!!

Sayak Shome said...

we feign,/ think it's fine,/ we fear,/ as we do, fire,/ then fetch forgiveness;/ is that finite?

kittu said...

i kind of understand it actually.
the lines kind of depict everything that happens in a persons life and in my case every year. I start with a falso hope, make a mistake and seek forgiveness and jst wen things r looking bad, a glimer of light rises and something nice happens. i love it man

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